Renqiu city light motorcycle instrument limited company is a motorcycle parts manufacturing export-oriented modern enterprise group, the company set up under the motorcycle instrument manufacturing company, Denso motorcycle, motorcycle manufacturing company stamping parts manufacturing company, motorcycle instrument core manufacturing company. With total assets of about 60000000 yuan, covers an area of more than 4 square meters, has a staff of more than 400 people.
Light motorcycle instrument manufacturing company specializing in manufacturing motorcycle instruments and instrument movement, oil meter, voltage meter, is the largest domestic export motorcycle instrument production base, an annual output of various types of motorcycle instrument assembly, instrument shell 4000000, exports more than 50 countries and regions, and to engage in various types of motorcycle instruments and various types of plastic parts design and development manufacturing and production.
Bright Sinosat Denso motorcycle manufacturing company mainly produces high-voltage ignition coil, touch the motor stator coil, CDI igniter, voltage regulator, flasher, starting relay, motorcycle entire vehicle cable seven series more than 500 varieties, with an annual output of 3000000 pieces ( sets) of goods, products in addition to domestic host plant facilities, are exported to more than 30 countries and regions.
Light motorcycles stamping parts manufacturing company mainly produces motorcycle starting lever, gear lever, a brake pull rod, the brake pedal, handlebar, the main stand, side stand, the brake rocker, axles and other stamping parts and all kinds of stamping to sample processing, all export products, the annual output about 5000000 ( sets).
Renqiu city light motorcycle instrument limited company to make products that make the concept of character, the constant pursuit of scientific management and technical innovation, to perfect the quality of products, put one's heart and soul into passion for customer service spirit, and producing customer-satisfied products. Renqiu city light motorcycle instrument limited company is willing to work with various countries and regions, dedicated cooperation, win-win development!

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